A Walk in the Sand

Trekking through the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert and camping under the stars in the Moroccan wilderness is the latest challenge for Consultant Pathologist Dr Katie Robertson.

Her journey this autumn is designed to raise funds for the Royal College of Pathologists global health work and Katie has set herself a target of £2,500. She said:

“I am an unexpected and reluctant runner (!), cyclist and, most recently, a triathlete. I have trekked in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco twice but have yet to venture into the desert. The Marathon des Sables will always be out of my reach but I can and will do this eight day trek. Please follow me on my journey there and support me in any way you can. If only I could raise a penny for every grain of sand that will no doubt end up in my boots I’d be happy…

The College’s global health work includes:

  • Sending volunteer pathologists overseas to mentor and train laboratory staff in low income countries
  • Providing education bursaries to overseas doctors and scientists to allow them to undertake a period of specialist training, research or study either within their country or externally
  • Working with others to rebuild the laboratory systems in countries where the health system has been weakened as a result of a humanitarian disaster or emergency situation.

For more on Katie’s progress: