Add Your Name To New Organ Donation Memorial

More signatures for the organ donation memorial were collected recently at a signing event outside Forth Valley Royal Hospital, bringing the total to more than 280.

Sculptor Hans Clausen, who is designing the new memorial, is now close to his target of 366 names – one for every day of a Leap Year – and is appealing for anyone who wants to sign up to get in touch.

Drawing from a previous public engagement day in the hospital and conversations with families of local organ donors, transplant recipients, patients awaiting transplant and hospital staff, Hans has developed an idea of a ‘floating’ translucent artwork. The ‘cloud like’ sculpture will be formed from signatures and hand-written names collected from across the hospital community and from individuals whose lives have been affected by organ donation. These will be cut from brightly coloured laser acrylic.

The artwork, which will be displayed in the atrium at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, will publicly recognise the life changing contribution that local organ donors have made and raise awareness of the value of organ donation to the people of Forth Valley. It will also be accompanied by a memory book.

The sculptor has been working closely with members of NHS Forth Valley’s Organ Donation Committee. He explained: “I see the sculpture as an abstract and organic form of memorial. It will not list particular dates or formally document specific individuals. Instead, it will bring together a community of 366 people to produce an artwork that is both a memorial and a celebration, and one that will enhance the hospital.”

Any staff interested in adding their signature to new artwork can contact for info on how to donate their names.

More information can also be found on the Artlink Central website.