Benefits of Joint Working for Cancer Care

Shirley Ann Stewart
Shirley Ann Stewart, Healthcare Support Worker

The benefits to cancer patients and their families of close working with partners such as Macmillan were highlighted by our cancer care staff at a recent virtual conference organised by the Oncology Nursing Society. They featured in a workshop entitled ‘Evolving roles in the changing workforce’ which was part-chaired by Sandra Campbell, NHS Forth Valley’s Nurse Consultant Cancer and Palliative Care.

Speakers included Jane Niblo, a local Macmillan Community Care Nurse, Helen Upfold, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Shirley Ann Stewart who is a healthcare support worker with Macmillan in Forth Valley.

Sandra Campbell said: “I was so proud of them and especially for Shirley Ann and the role she has as a healthcare support worker. Our workshop demonstrated the benefit of the different roles and the added value of collaborative working between Clinical Nurse specialists, the Macmillan One-to-One team and others. This joint approach works so well for patients and those affected by cancer.”