Bubbles Bows Out

Staff who attended Ian Aitken’s retirement learned a few things about him which he had managed to keep under wraps during his 42 year NHS career.

Most people were aware that his first role was a nursing assistant at the former Royal Scottish National Hospital at the tender age of 17. This was meant to be a summer job but ended up in a move to full time nursing.

Some people present were also aware that Ian gained several additional qualifications, including a Diploma in Behavioural Psychotherapy, and had chaired many key national advisory groups and forums.

But what most people (apart from maybe his wife!) were unaware of was  that Ian’s nickname was Bubbles and that he used to sport a perm which Derek Johnstone would have been proud of.

Ian, who is pictured with senior colleagues, spoke about his early days in the NHS, recalling with fondness the challenges but also the fun he and his colleagues had. He also paid tribute to his committed and dedicated team, many of whom had worked with him since he became a General Manager in 2003.

Although he acknowledged he had mixed feelings about retiring, he is looking forward to spending more time with his family, including his brother who is due to visit from Australia and his baby granddaughter Sophia.