Cared For By Carrianne

Among the finalists at this year’s Butterfly Awards, which aims to recognise those who provide support following the loss of a baby, was NHS Forth Valley midwife Carrianne McPherson. Carrianne was nominated for the Midwife of the Year category by Siobhan Heanue who had a stillborn baby boy.

Siobhan Heanue said: “Carrianne was with us throughout the darkest, saddest and most difficult time in our whole lives and she made it that bit less hard. When my son was born at first I was afraid to hold him, she told me how beautiful he was and placed him on me. She then took photos of myself, my partner and my family holding our son then later on while I was sleeping she took little Oliver and made moulds of his hands and feet so that we could cherish them forever. Even after leaving the hospital Carrianne and one of the other midwifes who looked after me attended my son’s funeral and cried with us. She truly was amazing throughout it all and I will never forget her.”

Carrianne switched to midwifery after a career in event management and customer service. Describing her nursing role as a dream come true she said the nomination had given her the opportunity to talk more about bereavement care and made her realise that, although she tends to work quietly in the background, she must have made a difference at a devastating time