Celebrating our Medical Trainees

The baking skills of Dr David McMorran earned him a special award in this year’s annual doctors’ celebration event at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

His delicious bakes, which he makes for colleagues, were voted first class. There was also an award from nurses for Dr Gary Ramsay, who is always willing to help everyone in their workplace, regardless of the task.

These two ‘fun’ categories were among a series of awards to recognise and celebrate the efforts of trainee doctors and the staff who support them. This year’s winners are:

  • Dr Nathan Boslem: Trainee of the year: Foundation
  • Dr Sophie Henderson: Trainee of the year: Middle Grade
  • Dr Jennifer Grewar: Trainee of the year: Registrar
  • Dr Yousif Mohamed: Trainee of the year: Registrar
  • Dr Alison MacKenzie: Trainer of the Year
  • Dr Fraser Wood: Trainer of the Year
  • Dr Nick Barwell: Morale Booster
  • Dr Louise Hammell: Outstanding Contribution to Forth Valley
  • Dr David McMorran: Star Baker
  • Dr Gary Ramsay: Nurses’ Favourite

The event began with a welcome from Mr Andrew Murray, Medical Director, who thanked doctors for their contribution to NHS Forth Valley and continued hard work, despite the extraordinary times in the NHS.

A presentation from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, highlighted upcoming events and support for doctors in training and donated prizes for winners.

The event concluded with a passionate and enthusiastic speech from Dr Nick Barwell, who made all the doctors feel incredibly appreciated and valued – a worthy winner of Morale Booster of the Year Award.