Celebrating Trish’s Three Decades of Exceptional Care

When Patricia (Trish) Turner recently retired from her post as a Clinical Research Nurse, she left a legacy of exceptional care, which was evident from when she first joined NHS Forth Valley as a healthcare support worker.

Never shy of a challenge, Trish embarked on her nursing training whilst juggling a young family. She self-funded her studies, completed her nursing degree and launched herself into work as a staff nurse in 1999.

Throughout her career, she has provided exceptional care to her patients, their families and her colleagues. She always knew how to lift team morale and find a positive solution to any challenge. She moved to the Oncology Unit in 2004 and Trish was part of the chemotherapy team to win the Cancer Care Award in 2005.

A life-long learner, Trish became a Colorectal Clinical Nurse Specialist and completed her non-medical prescribing training. This enabled her to support patients through their cancer journey from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Her thoughtful care was always appreciated by her patients, so much that she was nominated for an award by a patient and her daughter for her exceptional care and support, which she went on to win!

The different teams within the Oncology Unit work closely together and, over time, Trish developed her interest in research, joining the clinical research team to support the delivery and development of research opportunities for Forth Valley patients. As a patient advocate, Trish supported the expansion of the portfolio and even led as Principal Investigator to allow the project to open for patients in NHS Forth Valley. Her diverse knowledge and experience allowed her to transition well into the role and she quickly became a great support to her colleagues and research patients across a number of specialities.

Trish plans to fill her newfound freedom with travel adventures including a cruise of New Zealand and Australia with her husband Iain, who is also retiring. She also intends to spend time with friends and family – and hopefully undertake a few bank shifts with her research colleagues!!!