Chris Opens The Box On Retirement

As retirements go, it was something of a surprise – a large cardboard box! But a peep inside revealed a cornucopia of goodies much loved by the recipient, Consultant Neurologist, Dr Chris Neumann who discovered amongst other items, champagne, his favourite biscuits and a potted plant. He also was presented with gift vouchers.

Dr Neumann trained in neurology in Germany, worked in the Middle East and came to Forth Valley in 2004, planning to spend two years here before returning to Germany. He stayed, and for the past 15 years his work has included a first fit clinic for seizures, a headache service in Lothian and caring for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. When he arrived only 12 patients were on disease modifying therapy but that number has since risen to over 200.

Dr Neumann plans to use some of his free time on his allotment and develop his love of cooking.