Dead Exciting!

Two of our pathology colleagues, Amber Smith and Lynn Anderson, switched roles recently to become film extras for a day.

They joined a film crew working in the mortuary at Forth Valley Royal Hospital for a forthcoming drama series on the new streaming service Paramount +. Local staff were happy to answer questions and provide advice to help make the production more realistic.

For example, simple small touches such as making sure the actors tucked their trousers into their wellies helped ensure the scenes looked authentic.

After a dead exciting day, the pair commented that the artist who handcrafted the model of the dead body used for filming was extremely talented and they were very impressed with the anatomically accuracy.

Amber, a trainee anatomical pathology technician, added: “It was a great experience for myself, getting to watch and to be part of the production was very interesting. All crew worked seamlessly together and were very friendly and helpful. It was a proud moment to be part of NHS Forth Valley team and to have this opportunity.”