Derek Retires With A Smile

A man whose work to reduce dental decay has led to thousands of local children being spared unnecessary anaesthetics and extractions over the years has retired from NHS Forth Valley. Consultant in Dental Health, Derek Richards, who enjoys a worldwide reputation as an expert in evidence-based dentistry, has been described by Director of Public Health, Dr Graham Foster, as “a real asset for Forth Valley.”

After qualifying from Cardiff Dental School in 1977 Derek worked in hospital, general and community dental practice. While undertaking dental public health training in the Anglia and Oxford region he developed an interest in evidence-based healthcare and, in 1995, helped to establish the Centre for Evidence-based Dentistry. He has been involved with teaching and a wide range of evidence-based initiatives, both nationally and internationally, since then. In 1998, he was instrumental in founding the journal EBD (Evidence Based Dentistry) which he has edited since then, overseeing the production of 19 volumes and over 70 issues.

Derek loves his garden by the silvery Tay and hopes to spend much more time there working towards becoming self sufficient.  Over the years colleagues have enjoyed everything from his lettuce to his rhubarb.  He is also a dab hand in the kitchen so his produce is well utilised! He is currently constructing a new greenhouse and was presented with  gardening vouchers as part of his retirement gift .