Everyone Matters – iMatter Update 2019

We are now running our new distribution of iMatter for 2019 with our first Health & Social Partnership in Clackmannanshire and Stirling included. Key dates are:

Timescale iMatter Stage Action Required
11/03/19 – 05/04/19 Team managers receive email request to confirm team details Managers should check all team members are accounted for and that email details are correct, make any amendments required and confirm team details on iMatter portal.

IMPORTANT:  All Teams in a Directorate require to be confirmed by 05/04/19 or the whole Directorate fails to run.

Plan your iMatter Team Action Plan meeting date Team Action Plan meeting date, allowing time for uploading to portal by 05/08/19 This should be arranged as soon as possible after receipt of Team Reports to ensure that all team members have ample opportunity to participate in creation of a Team Action Plan.
08/04/19 – 29/04/19 Questionnaire goes live for 21 days All staff members should be encouraged to participate in iMatter by 29/04/19.  Questionnaire takes no more than 10 minutes to complete.
13/05/19 Team reports published For all teams of four or more who reach 60% response rate and all teams of four or fewer who reach response rate of 100%,  Team Reports are emailed directly to staff who completed the online questionnaire and to team managers.  Managers are required to print and distribute copies to team members completing on paper.
05/08/19 Team Action Plan to be uploaded on to Webropol iMatter Portal All Team Action Plans are required to be uploaded into iMatter portal to be included in the statistics for NHS Forth Valley in the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Staff Experience Report 2019.