Excelling In ED

Good work by Emergency Department staff at Forth Valley Royal Hospital is now achieving extra recognition, thanks to an innovative scheme which not only recognises excellent practice, but also encourages learning, improves patient safety and helps boost staff morale.

Known as Excell-ED, the programme began in Summer 2017 and is currently being evaluated.

Based on an idea from a senior clinician from Birmingham, Excell-ED is a simple way of saying thank you for great practice and capturing the details so they can be repeated in the future. Examples such as overhearing good interaction between a junior doctor and an elderly confused patient could be submitted via a simple form which is handed in to the Department’s administration office. Details are recorded and the staff member receives a letter of appreciation that can be used for their portfolio or eKSF. The letter is also copied to their educational supervisor or line manager.

Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Dr Elspeth Pitt said reports are compiled monthly and shared at quality of care meetings, clinical governance meetings and daily safety briefings. They are also posted in the seminar room for staff to learn from. All plaudits are anonymous.

She said: “What is coming out of these reports time and time again is that good team work is improving patient care and patient safety. It’s defining what aspects make team work great such as keeping calm in a fraught situation, showing compassion and care and gaining a patient’s trust in difficult situations”.

Those who have already received an Excell-Ed award said it made them feel surprised, proud and appreciated and all said they would use the recognition in their Turas appraisal and portfolio

Gordon Smith

Porter Gordon Smith has twice received an Excell-ED award. Gordon, who is employed by Serco, was recognised for his contribution during a major trauma incident which involved a cardiac arrest after a high-speed car crash.

He was also praised for his positive attitude whilst transferring a young patient to the Children’s Ward. His commendation described how he talked to her about Santa’s elves and magic doors to help distract her. Both the patient and her Mum were extremely complimentary about his care.

On both occasions Gordon was also nominated for a Serco Star Award and won the monthly award after he received his second commendation.