Full Steam Ahead – With TrakCare

TrakCare, the new patient information system which will replace three key systems within our organisation – Topas, eWARD and eDIS –  is now moving into a more intense phase with the focus shifting to system build, training and testing.

The TrakCare team is working hard to engage with specialities and departments across the organisation to build a system which fits their needs.  The clinic and letter build stage is now underway. This requires all services to review their current information and return it as soon as possible.  If you have been provided with a ‘clinic validation’ folder then please ensure it is sent back promptly as this is critical to allow time for the build and, more importantly, testing.

In addition, eHealth trainers are currently preparing for ‘Super User’ training which will provide those acting in this role a first chance to see the system, ask questions and input to the final end user training modules.  If you would like to act as a Super User for your area, please get in touch with the team fv-uhb.trakcare@nhs.net.  Super User training is due to start in November 2018 and end user training from January 2019.

If you have any questions or require further information please contact the TrakCare Programme team on fv-uhb.trakcare@nhs.net