Graven Images

Gravestones may not be the usual source of inspiration for budding photographers. Indeed cemeteries are often somewhat ignored by people despite loved ones and important figures in history being buried there.  But visiting the graveyards surrounding Stirling Castle prompted theatre scrub nurse Ann Bollen to capture some of the images on camera.

Ann began by sharing her photographs on Facebook then moved to Instagram and subsequently created her own website. Now, with the help of Lumphanan Press, she has published the pictures in a book Tiptoe Through the Gravestones: Stirling.

Ann explained: “The idea is to make people see these places in a different way. People kept saying I should try to do something with my photographs so the book, which is on sale on Etsy, is the result. It contains 30 black and white photographs and is very simple with minimum text.”

Ann has been busy with an assessment for her part-time university course but is now hoping to promote the book more widely and hopefully sell single prints of her pictures. She says publication has been a steep learning curve!