Helping Bring Cancer Down to Size

NHS Forth Valley has been highlighting the ways in which staff are helping turn Scotland’s Big C into the wee c.  As part of World Cancer Day, we reflected on the strides we are taking to bring cancer down to size.

This includes our health promotion team , who have been delivering bowel cancer training across Forth Valley, resulting in increased knowledge and awareness of the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer and the importance of seeking help early. Participants said they are more likely to do the bowel screening test

All of those who attended the training sessions also stated they would discuss bowel cancer with family and friends of all age groups.

The wee c  campaign, which was launched by the Scottish Government ,aims to change the way cancer is viewed in Scotland, in a bid to reduce fear around the disease and boost survival rates.

NHS Forth Valley Medical Director Miss Tracey Gillies said:  “We’re proud to be contributing to Scotland’s wee c vision, with our clinicians, researchers, nurses, screening teams, porters and many more working every day to help bring cancer down to size.

“Everyone has a role to play in improving our cancer survival rates. Remember that the sooner cancer is found, the easier it is to treat so, if you notice any persistent or unusual changes, see your doctor sooner rather than later.”

The average ten year survival rate for cancer has doubled over the past 30 years – now two in four people survive, compared to one in four in the 1970s, and today half of men and women in Scotland survive cancer (48 per cent of males, and 54 per cent of females.)