Henry Leaves for Lanarkshire

After 17 years with NHS Forth Valley, helping to handle a number of major outbreaks and incidents, including swine flu and of course Covid-19, Public Health Consultant Dr Henry Prempeh has taken up a new post in NHS Lanarkshire.

Dr Prempeh moved to Scotland from Trinidad and did a master’s degree in environmental health in Edinburgh. He was subsequently a medical consultant in Sheffield where he was responsible for developing stroke services but always wanted to work in public health so undertook further training in communicable diseases.

Henry Prempeh
Dr Prempeh was presented with a number of gifts including a pen, a tie, aftershave and an orchid.

His next job offer was East London or Scotland but his previous time in Edinburgh persuaded him to accept a post with NHS Lanarkshire where he developed stroke care, working with many disabled young people. His goal, however, was still health protection so after 18 months he moved to NHS Forth Valley to take up his role in public health.

Dr Prempeh’s ‘specialty’ was his management of high-profile public health incidents. These included an outbreak of Q fever (the second largest in the UK which affected 200 people but was so well managed few heard about it), investigating a case where three children were affected by botulism and swine flu when Forth Valley became the first place in Europe to have confirmed cases.

To wish him well in his new post, staff presented him with a number of gifts including a pen, a tie, aftershave and an orchid.