Hilary Warkentin, Senior Staff Nurse, Immunisation Team

How did you arrive in your current post?

I was previously a staff nurse in health visiting in Glasgow and part of my role involved delivering child vaccination clinics. When I saw the job advert for the Forth Valley immunisation team I thought it would be a great opportunity to expand my immunisation experience so I joined the team in October 2018. The team has continued to expand over the last couple of years as we progress through the Vaccine Transformation Programme. In August 2020, I started my current post as a senior nurse within the team.

Describe a typical day during the pandemic

The immunisation team is very busy and working hard to deliver the Covid-19 vaccinations as quickly as possible. On a typical day staff are based at several Covid-19 vaccination clinics across different sites in Forth Valley. Currently the largest site is at Forth Valley College’s campus in Falkirk which has the capacity to vaccinate over 1000 people a day. Many teams have been working together with the immunisation team to set up the vaccination sites and ensure they operate efficiently.

In addition to Covid-19 vaccination clinics there are a number of routine child vaccination clinics running daily.

What helps you stay calm?

Listening to music and taking my dog for long walks.

How important are friends to you?

My friends are very important to me. Most of my family live in Canada so my close friends here are like my family.

What is your most hated household task?

Ironing! – I only iron my clothes just before I wear them and only if they really need ironed.

What is the most valuable thing your parents taught you?

The most valuable thing my mum taught me is compassion for humans and animals.

Your biggest extravagance?

I enjoy going on holiday a few times a year. I’m looking forward to when it is safe to travel again, especially so I can visit my family in Canada.

Who are your dream dinner guests and what is your signature dish?

Right now my dream dinner guests would be my friends and family. My signature dish is vegan mac and cheese.

Secret wish?

To have a large area of land so I had space to rescue lots of animals.