ICU Patients Get a Helping Hand From RITA

Thanks to funding from the Organ Donation Committee, a new piece of equipment is now available in the Intensive Care Unit at Forth Valley Royal Hospital which allows patients to use apps, games and participate in other leisure activities as part of their recovery.

The software, known as RITA (Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities) has been used in the past to support the care of patients with dementia. But it is also recognised to be useful in looking after people with delirium and other health conditions so is well suited to the critical care environment. The system provides a range of interactive devices for patients and staff to access resources to engage and focus patients, whilst drawing on familiar and comforting sensory experiences.

Dr Helen Tyler, Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine and Clinical Lead for Organ Donation, explained: “In ICU we are using the RITA system to support the delivery of person-centred care by enabling local patients to access a wide range of movies, music and images. If patients are able to participate in activities then they can join in rehabilitation exercise sessions or play games that promote group participation, co-ordination and, most of all, a few laughs.”