In The Spotlight – Andrew Murray

Tell us a little about your job

The role of Medical Director covers a wide range of areas including medical training, leadership and support as well as driving forward service developments and innovations. I also still work as an ENT surgeon which is good as I enjoy being involved in frontline patient care and it keeps me connected with the issues and challenges facing our clinical teams.

What do you hope to achieve at NHS Forth Valley?

I want to ensure the whole organisation, especially the doctors, feel truly valued and engaged. I believe that’s the springboard for an organisation to become truly high performing and I honestly believe that by working together we can achieve a lot.

Last good read?

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga – it was given to me by colleagues when I left NHS Ayrshire and Arran. It’s the story of a rickshaw driver’s son who skilfully climbs India’s social ladder to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur and it’s really funny. I am currently reading Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most which is interesting and a bit different from your typical management or leadership book.

Treasured possessions?

Gifts from my son and I also got a painted white stone from the Palliative Care unit in NHS Borders when I left last year which I like.

Can’t leave home without?

My apple. Not a phone, a real apple!

Travel essentials

Sound cancelling headphones for when I need some peace and some factor 50 suncream for my West of Scotland complexion.

Song that means most to you

I Try by Macy Gray.

It was the biggest song when I went to New Zealand during my training in 2000 and had an emotional parting from my family at Glasgow Airport. At the security check literally 5 minutes later, the lady officer wanted to see in my hand luggage and, on top of all the travel stuff, was a box of photos of my family that she opened up and started to look through. I couldn’t hold it together.

“I try to say goodbye and I choke, I try to walk away and I stumble” – in my case literally!

Who inspires you?

Great thinkers and polemicists who challenge and transform the world order – Richard Dawkins, Charles Darwin, Christopher Hitchens.

Motto for life?

Currently, I seem to be saying “I couldn’t give a monkey’s” a lot (although maybe just to myself when I am checking emails….). But lifelong, I’m more “Live and let live.”