In The Spotlight – Carol Scott

Carol Scott, Nursery Nurse, Neonatal Unit, Forth Valley Royal Hospital

How long have you been in your current job and what does it involve?

I have been in my current post for 38 years. My job involves looking after babies who are admitted to the neonatal unit and helping to teach parents how to care for their pre-term little ones. I liaise with multidisciplinary teams and I have devised some of the charts used within the Unit and show new staff the ropes. I have also designed posters and assisted senior staff with the patient safety programme.

What made you decide to make a career caring for children?

I have always loved working with babies and children and during my training the class was given an orientation day in the neonatal unit in Falkirk. I fell in love with the small babies and there was an Irish midwife on duty at the time and I thought I want to be like her, and so the story began. When the maternity units at Falkirk and Stirling merged I then began to work with this lovely Irish midwife. Spooky!

Lazy lie in, or up with the lark?

Mmmmm…..Lazy lie in.

Fry-up or a bowl of muesli?

Guilty fry-up.

Greatest achievement?

Every time a parent says thank you for your help. I also received a beautiful engraved diamond-shaped award for the work which I did with the patient safety programme, which was organised by my then line manager, Anne Vallance. It was presented to me by Gillian Morton in a brilliant and unusual way – she announced the award then got everyone in the room to stand and one by one got them to sit down again until only myself and Mags, another nursery nurse, were left. Then Mags started to take pictures. I was speechless and had no idea that I was the recipient. It was a very proud moment.

How do you spend a Sunday?

If I’m not working, I like to have a PJ day watching movies.

Best holiday ever – and worst?

All holidays have been good, but I had a brilliant weekend away in Dublin with my colleagues. A quote from that holiday sums it up “we started out as colleagues and ended up as friends!” We now have a few days away (the lodges at Denny are our favourite) at least twice a year and have become the greatest of friends.

My worst experience was when I had to fly home from Cyprus the day after 9/11.

Favourite piece of jewellery?

A necklace which was given to me on my birthday by my adoptive daughter (close friend) which is in the shape of a handbag (I love handbags and shoes) and decorated with some rubies which she chose as I had lost my mum two years previously and her name was Ruby.

Funniest moment?

Had a few but don’t think I can share them on this forum!

Worst nightmare?

Not being able to buy shoes and handbags.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I have to say that having the friends, colleagues and family I have is like winning the lottery. So if I won money I would have to take them all away on a fabulous holiday.