Claire Robertson, Clinical Nurse Educator

Claire Robertson, Clinical Nurse Educator, Emergency Department

Tell us something about your new role

I am the new Clinical Nurse Educator within the Emergency Department (ED) at Forth Valley Royal Hospital. Part of my role will involve planning, developing and evaluating teaching and educational activities ensuring that the training needs of the staff are being met.

The ED is a very busy area and I have no doubt providing/facilitating educational and training sessions will bring its own set of challenges. There will be times where I will be required to ‘think outside the box’ as they say. However, the role presents a very exciting opportunity for the department and I intend to fully explore this whilst hopefully creating some positive changes in the process.

What made you want to apply for the job?

I have been a part of the fantastic ED team at Forth Valley Royal Hospital for a number of years now and I’m passionate about emergency nursing in general. This job presented a great opportunity to be a part of helping to support and shape the ED Nursing team. Staff are at varying stages in their careers, and it will therefore be important to support the development of all members of the nursing team. I will also be looking to encourage more experienced members of staff to share their skills, knowledge and expertise by creating the opportunity for them to take an active role in department training.

How much of a challenge is it?

I’m still very much finding my feet but already I realise there are many challenges to face. I will be looking to improve the experience of new starts within ED by providing an additional supportive role for new nursing staff alongside their mentors, working together to facilitate their learning and providing them with the opportunity to grow and develop their core nursing skills. There will also be times my role will involve ‘on the shop floor ‘ one-to-one support, helping members of staff to gain emergency nursing skills and develop their confidence.

Lately, it has been a particularly busy and challenging time for the team and

I’m looking forward to giving a little something back by hopefully helping bring back the buzz of working in such a diverse area. My friends and family would say I love a challenge so I’m excited for what the future will bring.

What do you think are your best personal qualities?

I don’t think anyone likes to talk about their best qualities, but I suppose if you asked my friends, colleagues and family they would perhaps say I am fun, motivated, strong, determined, kind, honest and approachable. If there is something I want in life, I am what you would call a go getter!

How do you relax when off duty?

I enjoy spending time unwinding with my two boys and the new addition to the family ‘Bella’ our puppy. I’m not one for relaxing as such but you would normally find me hanging off a climbing wall, up a hill or generally outdoors somewhere.

Most embarrassing or funniest moment?

I once mistook a member of the general public for a good friend of mine and jumped on their back whilst shouting ‘surprise’ noises much to their disgust and my complete embarrassment.

What person would you like to meet most and why?

This is a difficult question for me but if I had to choose someone it would be

Robin Williams/ Patch Adams to ask him his inspiration in bringing the character to life. His characters approach to medicine has continued to inspire many through his innovative approach to patient care at that time. As he said ‘laughter is the best medicine!’

Hoarder or chucker out?

I would say I’m somewhere in between both but if I have to decide then I’m more of a chucker. Although, I am known to have a ‘Monica’ cupboard (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) so, it’s normally located all in the one place.

Most memorable holiday?

I would have to say holiday wise, my time in Bali and Thailand was incredible. The food of course is delicious, nothing beats authentic Thai cuisine. Also, culturally what a fantastic place to visit, the people are so relaxed and happy! The scenery and amazing temples were out of this world.

Workwise I was afforded the fantastic opportunity as part of my army reservist job to travel to America to train alongside the Navy SEALS. A part of that duty included trekking in the Grand Canyon, climbing in Red Rock canyon and kayaking down the Colorado river. This visit left me with some incredible memories and I feel privileged to have had these experiences.

Cook at home or eat out, and favourite food?

I would prefer someone to make me a nice meal so I’m going to have to say eat out! Plus, the bonus is I don’t have to do the dishes. My favourite has to be Thai.

Last thoughts before you go to sleep at night?

What time is Bella (the puppy) going to have me up at?