In The Spotlight – Moira Straiton

Moira Straiton, Department Manager, Corporate Portfolio Management Office (PMO)

Tell us a little about your new role and why you are looking forward to it?

I have recently joined the Corporate Portfolio Management Office (PMO) and I’m one of four new members of the team of six. The NHS is being asked to dramatically improve the way it manages the delivery of services, whilst at the same time continue to provide existing services in an ever-more demanding setting.  The role of the PMO is to help eliminate duplication of data, provide effective project management and offer support, training and guidance to those undertaking projects. The PMO team was in the early stages when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and we have only recently been able to re-mobilise but are making excellent progress. I am looking forward to working with and learning from the dynamic team that has now been established and using my skills in project management to make an impact to help NHS Forth Valley achieve its strategic goals.

What experience do you think you bring to the post?

I think my skills in project management will assist in providing governance, risk management, best practice advice, training, standardisation, support and compliance to help projects succeed. The skills and expertise of the PMO team will ensure that each project will be reported against the same indicators, bringing maximum value to the NHS. Every project and programme will be planned in the same way, and a common ‘gateway’ governance process will be applied so that each programme can be justified in terms of its savings, cost, benefit and performance targets.



Why did you choose to work in the NHS?

I am passionate about making a difference and felt my skills in project management; safety, risk management and compliance would be useful in helping to make the NHS a safer and better place to work for staff, patients and visitors. The healthcare system gives employees the opportunity to advance their skills and develop their careers. I am passionate about learning and developing my skills to be the best I can be and I felt it was a great fit for me. The variety and sense of making a difference, even only in a small way, inspires me every day.

If you were a time traveller where would you like to land and why?

If I could travel back in time I would love to go back and spend time with lost loved ones again. I would also love to travel into the future to see what it is like and if there is anything I could change now that could perhaps improve something in the future.

City or country dweller?

Country as I love the beauty of nature.

Favourite recipe?

Does French martini count?

TV or radio?

TV and my all time favourite show is the one I grew up with –Friends. I also love nature programmes particularly any presented by Sir David Attenborough.

Favourite holiday destination (pre-Covid)?


Most treasured memory?

I am passionate about marine life and I fulfilled my lifelong dream to see wild humpback whales whilst on a boat trip in Monterey and on this trip I also got engaged. This is one of my treasured memories that I feel so grateful to have experienced.

Burning ambition?

In my career my burning ambition is to continue to learn and develop new skills that I can use to be the best I can in my current role. In my personal life it’s to experience as many new adventures as I can whether that is learning a new skill, meeting new people or visiting new places. I feel life is too short not to be planning new adventures!