It’s Good To Feel Needed

Volunteers across NHS Forth Valley have been speaking about the satisfaction and personal development opportunities they receive through working with patients and staff. Their comments are contained in a report which has been assessed and received approval from Investing in Volunteers.

A survey revealed that the volunteers are enthusiastic about the way their contributions are recognised through events, awards, celebrations, visits by Board members, inclusion in team events and the implementation of suggestions. They contribute feedback through various mechanisms including the Patient Public Panel, Public Partnership Forum, Clinical Governance Committee, the Fair for All project and the Volunteering Steering Group. Comments are also relayed informally through staff.

NHS Forth Valley is supported by 67 directly-managed volunteers in eight volunteer roles which include arts and wellbeing, chaplaincy, oncology, equality and diversity and mental health.  Comments include “it’s good to feel needed” and “volunteering has helped me turn a negative experience into a positive one.”

The report also makes several suggestions for the future including more support for volunteers in potentially stressful roles and more contact with other volunteers across the organisation.