Joe Goes Green

After more than 40 years in the NHS, Senior Planning Manager, Joe McGhee recently exchanged his desk job for a life outdoors.

His retirement gifts included a wheelbarrow, personalised garden tools, a ‘Kind Heart’ rose, secateurs, garden gloves, a kneeler, a gardening book and vouchers, plus a running shirt printed with the words ‘Carseview Legend.’

Describing his leaving event as “a very emotional day” staff heard how Joe started his health service career as a porter, whilst still at school. Student nurse training followed then he trained as a psychiatric nurse between August 1986 and Sept 1988. As an avid runner in his younger days (forced on him by his dad, a Commonwealth Gold medal marathon winner!!!) he tells the story of running a marathon before a late shift, which sounds impressive. However, he forgot to mention he ended up in A&E later that day somewhat hyper, having only eaten three Mars bars!

Several senior nursing posts followed and Joe then joined NHS Forth Valley in 1999 as a Senior Planning Manager. Always a strong advocate of patient rights, Joe was known for his kindness, buying a bag of sweets to cheer up anyone he suspected of being a bit down. He also had a habit of being a little accident prone. After a meet and greet meeting with a Director of Nursing (after he was appointed nursing officer) he left the room via the broom cupboard……the Director politely showed him the “correct” door when he re-emerged from the cupboard!

Colleagues described Joe as inspirational to work with and hugely knowledgeable., In addition to his gardening gear, he also left with a framed picture of the iconic Beatles Abbey Road album front cover – with colleagues faces superimposed on those of the Fab Four.