Meet Justin – Our New Research Champion

NHS Forth Valley’s Research and Development Department has a new champion, who will be working to improve public engagement with research across the Board area. Justin Laurie has taken on the volunteer role which will see him holding discussions with groups and delivering presentations.

Justin says he accepted the challenge because he believes research is a key process in improving treatment and delivery of care.

He explained: “Public engagement is clearly important as suitable participants are required to be involved in areas such as clinical trials which are necessary before wider integration of a new idea.

“However, public involvement is not exclusive to participation in clinical trials, it also includes assisting the identification of new areas of research, being part of advisory groups, undertaking projects and communicating findings.”

“Another aspect of my role will be getting staff more involved with both research and engaging with the public about their work, whether that is communicating their findings or involving the public in decisions throughout the research and development process.”

Justin is also a lay member of NHS Forth Valley’s Research & Development committee.