New Hope For Mental Health

A new six-bedded inpatient unit, known as Hope House, which is exclusively for women, has opened at Bellsdyke Hospital.

The unit is housed within Trystview, which underwent a redesign to create a light, bright, modern and airy environment for patients. The unit provides treatment, support and rehabilitation for women with more complex mental health care needs who require greater levels of support and supervision.

Patients are allocated their own bedrooms and Hope House promotes a ‘home style’ model where staff and patients prepare cook and eat meals together. Therapies and groups are scheduled regularly and daily morning meetings are held with patients and staff to allocate daily tasks and discuss appointments and activities.

The redesign means women who are currently receiving treatment and support in other parts of the country can be cared for closer to home, instead of having to travel to access the care and treatment they require.

Similar accommodation, services and support are already provided for men on the Bellsdyke site, however until recently, there wasn’t the capacity to develop dedicated facilities for women.

Not only will the new unit be beneficial to the patients, it will provide additional opportunities for staff to enhance their existing skills and experience as well as creating a number of additional posts and development opportunities.