New Job Opportunities For Youngsters With Learning Disabilities

Job opportunities for 11 young people with learning disabilities are being provided at Forth Valley Royal Hospital as part of a scheme known as Project Search, the first programme of its kind in Forth Valley. The young people, aged between 18 and 24, will gain work experience in a range of roles including portering, domestic, catering and mail room services during a 9 month internship.

The launch was attended by Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills, and the scheme is designed to give the youngsters the necessary work experience and skills to help them secure paid employment.

Project Search was developed in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in 1996.  It was based on the principle of working with a large employer, with support and tutoring to replicate a real working environment. The model runs over an academic year and the students work in three placements. They start and finish each day in their Project Search classroom on site where they discuss what they have been doing that day, participate in skills training and carry out supported job searches with the support of their Job Coach.

The project team supports NHS Forth Valley’s Workforce Strategy and is part of our commitment to supporting a diverse and sustainable workforce. The licence to run Project Search for three years is being funded by Falkirk Council, NHS Forth Valley is providing a classroom in the Learning Centre at the hospital and Forth Valley College is providing a full time lecturer.