One Good Turn Deserves Another

For many years, Jim and Kirsteen Hardie (Team Hardie) worked within the Physiotherapy Department in NHS Forth Valley, between them treating tens of thousands of patients. Sadly they are no longer able to work because of ill health. However, thanks to kind-hearted colleagues and friends, the future is now looking brighter. Team Lead Physiotherapist, Nicky Butler takes up the story:

Kirsteen, who has MS, had to retire early. But Jim continued to work between Airthrey Park and Area 5 (orthopaedics) as the couple brought up their young family. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2016, Kirsteen became very unwell and had to be admitted to hospital where she has spent almost a year. Jim found working, visiting Kirsteen twice a day and guiding his children through their teenage years physically exhausting. Although he is now feeling much better, Jim has chosen not to resume his job but dedicate all his energies to Kirsteen and the children.

The family have lived pretty much apart for a year and although Kirsteen moved to a local authority establishment in Stirling recently, making visiting a little easier, Jim and the kids are desperate to have her home. Given the tens of thousands of patients Team Hardie have treated over the years local staff felt it was about time THEY were treated and set about fundraising for an extension and wet room for their house which will allow them to realise their dream.

Since June 2017, staff have gone all out to get the cash needed with events ranging from plant and bake sales, crowd-funding, sponsored runs and cycles, afternoon tea, raffles and a final ‘Extension Extravaganza’ evening at St Modan’s in Bannockburn, which raised more than £1,600, making an amazing final total of over £12,000!

Work has now begun on the extension which it is hoped will soon allow the Hardie family to be back together again under the one roof.

If you missed any of the fundraising ventures but would like to contribute, as every little helps, please contact