One Stop Shop

Log in once, and get access to patient information from a variety of sources. Clinical Portal is a new system which allows clinical users to view details stored on EDMS, SCI Store, eWard, TOPAS, PiMS and the Substance Misuse Service  all in the one place.  Created in-house by the Forth Valley Systems Development Team, the product is continually being improved through comments and suggestions.

Dr Pete Bramley, Consultant Hepatologist/Gastroenterologist, has been using Clinical Portal at his hospital and prison clinics since June 2014.  “I like the single sign-on and one-click aspect to other systems. The system has potential and it would work well without notes.

“There are however, one or two technical issues; for example I can’t access EDMS in prisons so the potential to see EDMS letters there would be good.  But I am positive about the development, will continue to use it and look forward to improvements in the future.”

Rose Brown, Dermatology Clinic Senior Charge Nurse also agreed the system was very useful with quick access to patient letters, results and the British National Formulary.