Online Support Helps You Keep Weight Off

The theory that people wanting to shed weight should keep a diary has proved a winner with staff. More than 700 of you searched for more information on the Staff Intranet, joining the three and a half thousand people who recorded hits on the public website.

As part of the ‘Choose to Lose’ campaign, an Information Day was held in the atrium at Forth Valley Royal Hospital and staff were invited to test their weight management knowledge and take part in a competition. The three winners were:

Carolynn MacDonald, Department Secretary, Medical Directorate, Forth Valley Royal Hospital

Yvonne McDonald, Practice Manager, Leny Practice, Callander.

Roslyn Cooke, Specialist Healthcare Scientist, Clinical Chemistry, Forth Valley Royal Hospital

Feedback has been great. Carolynn MacDonald wrote: “I found the “Choose to Lose” website extremely informative with a wealth of really useful tools, links and information.  I particularly like the Change4Life meal mixer which gives you recipes for healthy meals from breakfast to dinner. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of or trying to lose weight to visit the site as you are sure to find useful hints and tips to keep you on track.” 

And from a Staff Nurse in Occupational Health:

“Personally I found the ‘Choose to Lose’ display in the atrium fascinating. Great visuals with the sugar in everyday drinks and snacks as well as the 1lb and 5lb “fat” lumps. They were all real eye openers!”

Anyone   accessing the site can either download the free diary or explore some of the mobile apps that can help track food intake on the go!

For more information visit:

or email Public Health Dietitian.