Ophthalmology Services Axed (but just for a day!)

Ophthalmology team enjoying an axe throwing activity

Hurling 1.25 lbs of forged steel at timber targets fairly got the adrenaline pumping when members of our ophthalmology team met up for a spot of teambuilding.

The exercise began by splitting into three random teams each going into an escape room where they had one hour to solve a number of clues and break free.

The Witchcraft and Wizardy room team escaped first, closely followed by the Cabin in the Woods team and the Bank Heist team, who together notched up a respectable total haul of £339,080.

Before the next stage of the friendly competition – which involved axe throwing – staff were given a safety briefing. Optometrist Andy Gibb was the overall winner and discovered he had a real talent for axe throwing!

Staff described the event as a great day out and commented that days like this were so important as they helped them to bond as a whole team and enjoy each other’s others company out of the work environment.

Nurse training exerciseANP Angela Dunbar assisted by SSN Jas Colombo subsequently ran a training afternoon for the nursing team. The brief was to educate the team on different conditions and procedures carried out by the minor ops nurses. Angela went above and beyond, purchasing lots of props herself; the feedback from everyone taking part was a unanimous ‘excellent.’

Both classroom and practical sessions were welcomed but the practical was a firm favourite with the team as they were able to utilise a theatre that is currently out of use and some out-of-date consumables to simulate surgeries and suturing. Angela made lesions using stage make up which could be removed by the team and SCN Julie Catlin was on hand with some fake blood to keep the budding surgeons on their toes!