Paul’s Run-away Success

With an initial target to raise £500 for a charity which may have saved his life, Paul McCaffery, a ICU Healthcare Assistant, has raised more than £1200 already, and is still counting!

Paul was treated for testicular cancer in 2015, thanks to a self- check guide that Cahonas Scotland had produced. He wanted to take part in a charity run to help raise money for the charity but Covid-19 prevented an organised event so instead he set himself the challenge to run 300km in November, equivalent to 10k a day.

The first 17 days were successful but on the 18th November 2020 Paul fell ill. However he managed to make up the miles missed, and ran 20k on the final day, to take his tally for the month to 300.9 km.

Paul explained that Cahonas are a Scottish charity dedicated to raising awareness about testicular cancer. He said: “They are here to shout about the benefits of education and self-checks! Early detection means more effective treatment.

“Regular checks are important for every man you know, and every man needs to know what to look for. You’ll find Cahonas working at schools, colleges, community hubs and events. They want to get everyone talking and checking!

To spur Paul on, his partner and son came up with the idea of a running board which they completed daily.

You can find out more about Chaonas and testicular cancer at