Precious Donation for Maternity Unit

Local charity, So Precious, recently donated £9,000 to buy new specialist equipment for the maternity unit at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

The funding was used to purchase 30 fetal pillows – silicon devices which can help make caesarean deliveries easier, quicker and less traumatic.

Dr Shahzya Huda, NHS Forth Valley Consultant Gynaecologist said: “We are very grateful for this fantastic donation from So Precious. The fetal pillows are a welcome addition to the department as they will help us to make deliveries for women undergoing caesarean sections quicker and less traumatic.”

Lorna Blue, So Precious Trustee, said: “Having a caesarean section can be very stressful, particularly if it is undertaken as an emergency procedure. Any equipment which can help make this easier for mothers and babies is really important and we were delighted to be able to raise the funding required to buy these new fetal pillows.”

The fetal pillows are the latest in a long line of equipment which has been funded by the local charity which was set up by a group of volunteers in 2011 to raise money for the Women and Children’s Unit at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.