Premier Projections

A film first premiered on the outside walls of Forth Valley Royal Hospital has been projected onto the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, to mark the opening of the 117th Annual Open Exhibition of the Society of Scottish Arts at the RSA.

One Hundred Blinks was made during the residency at Forth Valley Royal Hospital of artist Lindsay Perth. It is a collection of faces, including those of patients, visitors and staff and progresses through the ages as each face changes, ending with the blink of the 100 year old.

Filmed in slow motion at 200 frames per second Lindsay Perth successfully attempted to slow down time and provide the opportunity to gaze and celebrate each age and face.

The Edinburgh showing was looped over four hours and the projection was 16 metres wide on the side facing Edinburgh Castle. In a separate initiative, images from a national ‘FAST’ campaign were projected onto the side of Forth Valley Royal Hospital to mark World Stroke Day and help people react quickly to the early signs of a stroke.