Priorities for Next Year

An Annual Plan for 2014/15 has been produced which sets out our key plans and priorities for the year ahead. It also highlights our financial plans for the next three years.

The plan is divided into 15 separate sections and describes how we will meet the national health priorities set out in the Scottish Government’s 2020 vision. These include early years, integration and person centred care.

This year, for the first time, the plan includes details of how we will support work being undertaken by each of our council partners through the existing community planning partnerships. It also includes a summary of the key strengths and challenges facing primary care services across Forth Valley following a recent assessment.

This important work will also help inform the development of our new healthcare strategy which will set out what we need to do and review over the next five years, not only to meet the 2020 vision, but also to ensure we keep pace with future demand, live within our budget and consistently meet key local and national targets.

The Annual Plan also sets out the financial plans for the next three years. These show that while the plans for 2014/15 are challenging but achievable, we face additional pressures in the following two years for a number of reasons. These include increased employer National Insurance and Pension contributions, rising energy bills and increased drug costs. It will therefore be important to do as much as we can over the next 12 months to help ensure the organisation is in best possible position for the financial challenges ahead.