Reduce Your Risks of Cervical Cancer

Did you know that smoking doesn’t only affect your lungs, but in women, it also affects the cells in the cervix?  In fact you are twice as likely to develop cervical cancer than those who do not smoke due to the harmful chemicals in tobacco.

In the UK 7% of cervical cancers are linked to smoking and the risk of cervical cancer increases with the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

With this in mind, the Stop Smoking Service and the Colposcopy Team at Forth Valley Royal Hospital have been working on a project to help raise awareness of both the risks of smoking for your cervix and the support available to quit. Cards are being issued direct to patients at the clinic, highlighting the dangers.

Pictured are (back) Dr Oliver Milling-Smith

Front Row (left to right) S/N Samantha Downey, S/N Paula Vasse, Dr Soraya Heroniglesias, Lead Nurse Colposcopist Fiona Mulgrew.

For help to quit: Call the Stop Smoking Service on 01786 433293.