Remembering Jim

Colleagues from across the organisation attended the funeral of one of NHS Forth Valley’s most popular staff members Jim Sinclair, the former General Manager for Surgical and Cancer Services.

Jim, who retired in 2011 after 40 years in the health service, trained as a radiographer in the early l970s and held a number of related posts across several health boards before moving into management with Ayrshire and Arran Health Board in l991.

He joined NHS Forth Valley 10 years later, first leading Clinical Facilities and then extending this role to include the Surgical and Cancer Services Unit.

Speaking at the funeral service, Theatre Manager Diane Keir said:“There are many here today who will be able to look back over their career working alongside Jim, in whatever capacity and for whatever length of time, and know that they are who they are, and where they are, because they were fortunate to have had that opportunity.

“He was hugely supportive of people as individuals, recognising potential and always willing to give them opportunities to develop. Those individuals knew that if plans didn’t go well or mistakes were made he was always there to support and help learn, then move on. He had a positive influence and effect on many people.”