Rosemary Is Older Volunteer of The Year

A ‘weel kent’ face in Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Rosemary Fletcher was recently awarded the Older Volunteer of the Year Award, marking the 30th anniversary of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP)

After 41 years as an occupational therapist in NHS Forth Valley, Rosemary is still giving up her time to the NHS by coordinating the volunteers that provide an invaluable boost to patients and staff. This includes providing support and comfort to patients but also keeping family and friends informed while their loved ones are receiving treatment.

Rosemary, formerly Head Occupational Therapist for acute services, retired in 2011 and is now in charge of recruiting and deploying local RSVP volunteers across NHS Forth Valley. She has developed a number of new projects and now has over 80 volunteers assisting in various departments across our hospitals.

Rosemary explained: “People over 60, like me, haven’t come to the end of their life. They’ve still got a lot to offer and it’s about how we can fit these people into roles that they are going to enjoy as well as giving back to the NHS.”