Roslyn’s Life in Pictures

When Roslyn Grant retired recently her life was recorded in a series of slides, each picture representing a stage in her career or a country she had worked in. Forty-four slides passed in a flash, watched at a special tea by colleagues past and present.

Roslyn, who was the Operational Manager for OMFS/ENT/Orthodontics/ Urology/Plastics/Breasts services, started her career as a dietitian. She initially worked in Ayr then went to Saudi Arabia, returned to England and subsequently headed up to Scotland to begin her management career. Ros was known for her kindness, was a mother figure to many and always tried to accommodate staff. Her colleagues said she will be greatly missed.

She received an Apple watch, gin, vouchers for a restaurant in Edinburgh, flowers and loads of individual gifts from appreciative colleagues including Jo Malone goodies, champagne and a voucher for afternoon tea at Gleneagles.

Thankfully Roslyn isn’t gone for good as she plans to return to a new role part time.