Staff Governance Standard – What Is It?

The Staff Governance Standard sets out what NHS Boards must do to manage and develop staff, ensure they have a positive experience as an employee and feel motivated and engaged with their job, team and organisation. It is a two way process.

NHS Boards must ensure staff are:

  • Well informed
  • Appropriately trained and developed
  • Involved in decisions
  • Treated fairly and consistently with dignity and respect, in an environment where diversity is valued
  • Provided with a continuously improving and safe working environment, promoting the health and wellbeing of staff, patients and community

Staff must:

Keep themselves up to date with relevant changes within the organisation

  • Commit to continuous personal and professional development
  • Adhere to a standard set by regulatory bodies
  • Take part in discussions which affect them via their trade union/professional organisation
  • Treat all staff and patients with dignity and respect whilst valuing diversity
  • Make sure their actions promote the health, safety and well being of staff, patients and carers

To make sure staff interests are fully represented there are a number of key groups, for example the Area Partnership Forum.