‘Step’ Tacular Staff

Walking around the world 4 times may sound like an impossible feat to many; however, local staff from across NHS Forth Valley have managed to do just that and walk the equivalent in just 6 weeks as part of this year’s Step Challenge.

The challenge saw 103 teams, each with five members, register to take part, with 83 teams making it through to the end. An amazing 194,818,734 steps were submitted as part of the challenge, which equates to approximately 97,409 miles. The distance around the equator is 24,901 miles.

Following the completion of the challenge, an awards presentation took place at Forth Valley Royal Hospital where the top teams were presented with certificates by Helen Kelly, Director of HR. Each winner also received a step challenge mug and a fruit hamper.

The Fit 5, a team from ICT in Forth Valley Royal Hospital, walked the most steps, 3,538,335 in total, which is roughly 1,769 miles. Lost in Pace from Stenhousemuir Health Centre and Heart Racers from Cardiology in Forth Valley Royal Hospital won awards for continuous improvement and the best team name was Scrambled Legs, a team of health visitors from Kersiebank Medical Centre in Grangemouth.

Two members of staff were also given awards for being an inspiration to others. Kirsty Barnes, Forensic Team Leader and part of the Forensic Floozies based at Falkirk Community Hospital, was nominated by her team leader as she went from being a non-stepper to the top stepper in her team and also lost an impressive three stone in weight since the start of 2016. Margaret Gallacher, complex care sister and part of the Lost in Pace team from Stenhousemuir Health Centre, recently underwent a knee operation but embraced the challenge to help improve her fitness.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 Step Challenge and good luck to all the staff who are currently taking part in the 500 mile Challenge with the aim of walking this distance between May and November 2016.