Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer

NHS Forth Valley has joined an innovative bra recycling scheme to help raise funds to fight breast cancer. The scheme, which is run by the national charity Against Breast Cancer, provides eye-catching pink bra banks in a number of locations where unwanted bras can be deposited.

Recycling bras prevents them from being dumped into landfill and the charity recovers £1000 from every tonne donated. The scheme also directs bras to Africa where they are sold on and is helping create jobs in the UK through the sorting and packing process.

Wendy Taylor Hill, Director of Against Breast Cancer said “We have received very positive feedback from retailers adopting the scheme and great warmth from the public for an idea that helps the environment as well as charity.”

Funds received from the scheme are put to work by the charity to support the research they are conducting into breast cancer, which now affects around 1 in 8 women in the UK.

Anyone wishing to find a local bra bank or who wishes to use the postal recycling scheme for bras, mobile phones and ink cartridges can visit for further information, or call Wendy at the charity on 01235 534211. NHS Forth Valley’s Bra Bank is located in the Oncology Department Waiting Area at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.