Talking Patient Safety in Theatres

Valuable discussions on patient safety continue to take place across the organisation with a recent return visit to theatres at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

John Stuart Non-Executive Board Member, Scott Urquhart, Director of Finance and Lynda Bennie, Head of Clinical Governance were delighted to return to theatres as part of the patient safety conversation visit programme.

Since the initial visit in October 2022, the theatre team has been busy progressing a number of actions and improvements.

One change with significant benefits to patient safety has been the introduction of a new electronic patient monitoring and recording system (CHAT-A) which can track each stage of the patient journey though the department.  New information and assurance display boards within the department also helps demonstrate a proactive approach to patient safety and a commitment to excellent patient care.

During the visit, the team visiting were pleased to hear that recent recruitment drives had not only been successful in appointing a number of new staff, but that staff training and education is also being prioritised to ensure patients continue to be cared for by a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable staff.  The addition of a training room, equipped to provide group sessions or individual learning, has been well used by local staff.

The upcoming opening of the new National Treatment Centre – Forth Valley will no doubt present the team with new challenges, but there is no doubt that safe patient care is at the forefront of care delivery within the department.

The visiting team would like to thank the theatre staff for taking the time to share their progress.