The Four P’s

Doctors from all specialties attended a guest lecture at Forth Valley Royal Hospital by Professor David Galloway, president of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

Professor Galloway spoke about four P’s – Participation, Problems, Politics and Professionalism.  He explained why the College was relevant to clinicians and touched on the failures and learning from incidents like the Vale of Leven inquiry and the College’s response.

In his section on participation he highlighted his surgical experience at a remote bush hospital in rural Zambia where he said that standard conditions such as peritonitis and fractures in sub-Saharan Africa were responsible for four times as many deaths as what people believed to be the main killers – malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. His final topic- Professionalism – urged clinicians not to be bystanders in cases such as bullying or disrespectful behaviour.

The meeting was organised by Consultant Physician Dr Jey Selwyn and Consultant Surgeon Mr John Camilleri-Brennan, and co-ordinated with the help of postgraduate administrator, Mary Malarkey and the Royal College’s Catherine Lorimer.