Tiptoe Through The New Podiatry Website

Patients in Forth Valley are being urged to put their feet up and spend a few minutes checking out a new Podiatry website developed by NHS Forth Valley.

In the past few weeks hundreds of local people have accessed the page which gives advice on foot-related problems from corns and callouses to diabetic screening.

The NHS Podiatry Service aims to promote good foot health, maintain mobility and help reduce falls. Specialist services include the treatment of chronic foot problems due to systemic health conditions, musculoskeletal podiatry treatment (functional and structural issues of the foot and ankle) and treatment of ingrowing toenails at risk of infection or infected.

Podiatry Team Lead for the Falkirk area, Debbie Cannan, said: “It’s all about easier access to our services. It means we can direct our patients if they have any enquiries about their foot health. We’re moving forward with modern times and a lot of our patients are a younger age group so find it easier to link in online to access information and advice. Everything is there on one site, available instantly at any time and supports our patients to look after their feet as well.”

Podiatry is provided in community healthcare centres, care homes, hospitals and to the housebound.