Transplant Success

A great deal of effort by the multidisciplinary renal team resulted in 20 Forth Valley residents receiving kidney transplants in 2015 – the highest number ever during a single year. Almost a fifth of those developing irreversible renal failure received a transplant without ever needing to start dialysis, a pre-emptive procedure. This is more than twice the Scottish average of 8%.

The team were praised by Consultant Nephrologist, Dr Bruce Mackinnon who said they had made sure that patients with end-stage renal disease had access to transplantation.

Most renal transplants for patients from Forth Valley take place in Glasgow, though those with diabetes, who may require a kidney and pancreas transplant, are seen in Edinburgh.

Outcomes after kidney transplant are improving and, among Scottish patients transplanted in the last 10 years, 95% of transplants are still functioning at one year and 88% at five years. In Forth Valley the figures are 95.3% and 89% respectively.

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