Update on eESS Learning and Actions Required

eESS learning went live across NHS Forth Valley in July 2017 and has replaced the LearnPro Course Booking System, NOT access to e-learning modules.

You can access the eESS system via the staff intranet with your eESS user name, which is an 8-digit number; make sure you know what yours is! Enter your eESS user name (number) and password in the eESS login screen (which you will find under Corporate Applications or Systems A-Z on Staff Net). If you have forgotten your user name and/or password please use the login assistance link, you will then be prompted to request either your user name or a new password which will be emailed to you.

Historical training records up to 4th July 2017 will remain in LearnPro and will still be accessible by all staff.

Action required by all managers (referred to as learner managers on eESS)

Your role as an eESS learner manager is explained in a very short (20 minute) online interactive e-learning module on LearnPro. Your staff may miss out on access to learning, education and training opportunities if these are not approved by you.

Action required by all staff (referred to as learners on eESS)

You should access the guide on the eESS learning intranet pages which shows you how to use the system, view your current, requested and learning history, and enroll or un-enroll on a learning, education or training event.

Future Training

Ongoing training will be available for learning management administrators and managers on reporting from eESS learning. Details of sessions are available on the eESS learning intranet pages on the staff intranet: http://staffnet.fv.scot.nhs.uk/a-z/eess-electronic-employee-support-system/ess-user-guidestraining/eess-learning/

For further information, please contact FV-uhb.training-centre@nhs.net or 01324  567390,