Views from a Top Team

The dedication and excellent standards of care provided by staff in Ward A31, together with their kindness and cheerfulness when dealing with patients, won them the Top Team Award in the 2016 NHS Forth Valley Staff Awards.

So who better to ask about iMatter?  We asked how this is being used in their team and what encouragement they had to participate?  The team told us that they were encouraged to complete the iMatter survey by their ward managers and senior staff nurses, who asked them to be open and honest when answering questions.

Here is what else they said:-

“We believe iMatter can work within our team by boosting staff morale and encouraging not only the good work that the staff do within the ward, but also in improving the patient care that staff provide 24/7.”

“We have a great working relationship with each other; this includes all members of the team including ward doctors, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and housekeeping staff.”

Winning the Top Team Award has shown us as a team that we are valued and respected as employees of NHS Forth Valley. We strive to work to these standards and encourage our staff by praising them daily and making them feel valued. Even on the days when work can be overwhelming, it’s always good to debrief and discuss any issues or problems which have arisen and how they could be dealt with better or differently. We are always open to people’s suggestions and opinions.”

Our areas for Improvement

  • Taking time to complete training, eKSF and learnPro mandatory training.
  • Encouraging helpful feedback through safety briefs and debriefing.
  • Making senior staff more visible and accessible as staff are unsure who their senior managers are. As a first step, the ward has introduced a flow chart of senior managers and their role within the organisation.