Warm Reception For Janis

One of the best-known voices in NHS Forth Valley has hung up the phone and headed for retirement. Janis Wyllie, former receptionist at the Board Headquarters, intends to spend more time in the sun, with visits to Turkey and Gran Canaria.

Janis joined NHS Forth Valley in 1990. She began in the sewing room, transferred to the stores and then became receptionist at the Royal Scottish National Hospital before moving to Carseview House.

Presenting her with gifts including a handbag and flowers, Senior Business Administration Manager Jackie McEwan recalled: ‘It’s never been boring working with Janis. When you asked her for something it was always in a safe place but took us two days to find it because she couldn’t remember where the safe place was! She also had a Rolodex at reception which only she could decipher. Look for Royal Mail for example, and it came under P – for post!”

Janis has promised to keep in touch with colleagues and hopes to pop in between her overseas travels.