Would You Credit It?

The NHS Credit Union which offers a secure home for savings and access to affordable loans for around 17,500 staff from Shetland to Sheffield, celebrates its 20th birthday in November 2018. New records continue to be set; for example In May 2018, the Credit Union lent £1.2 million to members – the largest total in any month since the organisation began in 1998. At the start of 2018/19, the organisation had issued loans to members totalling more than £76 million.

Commenting on the figures, NHS Credit Union Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kelly, said he was “proud and delighted” with the record total.

He added: “It’s very satisfying to know that we helped more than 1,100 members with their finances in a single month.”

The Credit Union office is situated in Dava Street in Govan where 16 full time staff provide a wide range of financial services to NHS employees and their families across the whole of Scotland and the North of England.

To find out more and join visit https://www.nhscreditunion.com